Personal Information
Nadhir Hammami

Department of Biology Sciences, Higher Institute of Sport and Physical Education of Kef, Jendouba University, Le Kef, Tunisia

Nadhir Hammami
From 02/2010 to 11/2013, Ph.D in Human Movement Sciences - Biology , France - Tunisia
From 2004 to 2009, Master degree in Sport Sciences (Biology) , Tunisia
Work Experiences
From 09/2003 to 10/2005, Teacher , Sport school Pierre De Coubertin, Tunisia
From 10/2005 to 10/2014, Teacher - researcher , University of Jendouba / Higer Institute of Sport and Physical Education of Kef, Tunisia
From 10/2014 to Now, Assistant Professor , University of Jendouba / Higer Institute of Sport and Physical Education of Kef, Tunisia
From 11/2015 to Now, Director of the Department of Biological Sciences applied to Physical and Sports Activities , University of Jendouba / Higer Institute of Sport and Physical Education of Kef, Tunisia
From 02/2010 to Now, Isokinetic muscle strengthening (IMS) of hemiplegic upper limb , To evalute interest of a protocol of IMS for patients suffering of an upper limb hemiplegia
From 01/2014 to Now, Isokinetic muscle strengthening (IMS) after sport injuries , Implement IMS protocols for the various joints on different modes of muscular contraction
Human Biomechanics
Human sport exercice analysis
Functional rehabilitation
Isokinetics muscle assessment and strengthening
Sports Biomechanics
Journal Articles
Zouita Ben Moussa, A., Layouni, R., Dziri, C., Ben Salah, F. Z., & Hammami, N. (2005). Exploration isocinétique de la force musculaire au niveau du genou chez des handballeurs tunisiens. Journal de Traumatologie du Sport, 22(4), 226-231.
Hammami, N., Coroian, F. O., Julia, M., Amri, M., Mottet, D., Hérisson, C., & Laffont, I. (2012). Isokinetic muscle strengthening after acquired cerebral damage: a literature review. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 55(4), 279-291.
Kjerstin Torre, Nadhir Hammami, Julien Metrot, Liesjet van Dokkum, Flavia Coroian, Denis Mottet, Mohamed Amri, & Isabelle Laffont. Somatosensory limitation of bimanual coordination after stroke. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 27(6):507-15
N. Hammami, B. Zinoubi, F. Hamdi, A. Nouri, A. Zouita, C. Dziri. Profil isocinétique des muscles du genou chez des taekwondoïstes élites olympiques-Isokinetic profile of knee muscles in Olympic elite taekwondo practitioners. Science & sport, 28(4):188-195
N. Hammami, I. Ouergui, B. Zinoubi, A. Zouita Ben Moussa, F-Z Ben Salah. Relationship between isokinetic and explosive strength among elite Tunisian taekwondo practitioners. Science & sport, 29 (3):150-155
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